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The Wafel

The inside story of our low sugar cookie

our wafel image

Our 10 Step Process

1) Brew the caramel

We first cook our proprietary syrup. It has the taste & sweetness of caramel but with a fraction of the sugar.

2) Make the dough

Our wafel dough is then slowly mixed using an old European technique until it has just the right consistency. We only use simple & natural ingredients, avoiding preservatives and anything artificial.

Make the dough
3) Bake on a craft wafel iron

The dough is then portioned and pressed thin with the force of a heavy solid metal wafel iron and baked at a glowing hot 400F.

Baked on a craft wafel iron
4) Slice wafel in half

When golden brown, we slice the wafel in half lengthwise. Doing this helps us create the uniquely delicate crispy outer texture.

Wafel sliced
5) Separate the halves

6) Add the caramel filling

Next, we drop a dollop of hot caramel on the bottom half to form an even circular spread.

caramel filling
7) Reunite the Halves

We then carefully place the top half on the bottom half and gently press them together. That way, the caramel spreads to the edges of the wafels and you get a delicate, crispy, chewy texture in every bite.

8) Cool Wafel

We cool each completed Rip Van Wafel for 30 minutes to make sure the caramel and the wafel hold together.

9) Pack

We place the the finished wafel into our distinctive package.

10) Enjoy!

We leave the last step to you and hope you love savoring your Rip Van wafel as much we loved making them!

All the Taste,
Low Sugar