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To improve peopleʼs lives by inventing better convenient foods.

What is Rip Van?

We take our name from the story of Rip Van Winkle, created by George Washington Irving. In Irving’s story, Rip Van Winkle is a man who literally awoke to a changed world, one that favored those who adapted with changing times. That’s our goal at Rip Van: to challenge ourselves to constantly change and find the next, better way to make the best snacks.

A note from Rip & Marco

When we created Rip Van Wafels out of our dorm room in 2012, we were tired of eating the same old snacks and frustrated that the big cookie brands were doing nothing to reduce the high sugar and empty calories in their products. We set out to create a better cookie; one thatʼs lower in sugar, and uniquely delicious - a healthier take on the Dutch stroopwafel.

Itʼs been a crazy journey. From making wafels till 3am, to sleeping in our old Volvo station wagon as we drove across the country to deliver them, weʼve fought hard to bring you a snack unlike any other. We're incredibly proud to bring you our latest: a low sugar and high fiber snack, with all the taste! We hope you enjoy them.

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