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RVW vs Nature Valley

In 1975, you couldn’t find granola bars on shelves, in stores, anywhere. It hadn’t entered the collective consciousness of American consumers just yet. If people wanted a healthy but convenient snack, it just wasn’t easy to find. But then Nature Valley came out with their signature product, oat bars rolled with honey, and the rest is history. Soon after, Nature Valley gained notoriety as American consumers learned just how much they loved to snack due to their busy work lives.

Over the years, Nature Valley has expanded their line of granola bars by releasing more flavor options. There’s crunchy, chewy, nut, clusters, and yogurt options available to choose from. Each of these bars became available in many different flavors.

And who ate these bars? Health-conscious people who were too busy to eat a full meal in between work meetings. They needed a snack on the go, one that was healthy, packed with nutritious ingredients, and tasty. At the time, these granola bars were the answer to that problem.

In the years since, we’ve learned so much about nutrition and what’s good for the body. Health and food science has come so far. So how does Nature Valley stack up against Rip Van Wafel, a tasty, low-sugar treat that’s designed to be good for your taste buds and your health? Let’s take a look below at some of the facts and see how they compare.

Nature Valley contains 190 calories per serving, 7g of fat, 140mg of sodium, 29g of carbohydrates, 11g of sugar. While this may have been considered nutritious and healthy in the 1970s, nowadays a better -- and healthier! -- snack is available: Rip Van Wafels.

Our stroopwafels have only 120 calories per serving, 6g of fat, 90mg of sodium, 18g of carbohydrates, including 6g of dietary fiber, and only 3g of sugar. So not only do Rip Van Wafels contain less calories per serving, there’s much less sodium, carbs, and sugar. We can all agree that this is good for our bodies and our taste buds!


At Rip Van Wafels, we set out to do one thing and one thing only: to improve people’s lives by inventing better, more convenient food. We want to challenge ourselves to push past the final frontier of food, to constantly change, and to find the next, best way to make incredibly tasty snacks. While plenty of brands claim to use the healthiest ingredients and the freshest sources, we’ve incorporated those values into the very core of our daily practices as a business.

Other big brands don’t care as much about reducing the high amounts of sugar and empty calories in their snacks as we do. We’re 100% committed to bringing you a better snack, one that’s low in sugar and uniquely amazing. From brewing the caramel to making the dough, we examine every single ingredient that goes into our stroopwafels during every stage of the creative process. 


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