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Our New Blog

We’ve got an exciting announcement to make! In keeping with the spirit of our mission, we’re launching A Better Way, a blog dedicated to all things Rip Van. We’ll be bringing you a variety of new content, including:


Updates Any noteworthy news about Rip Van.


Snacking The definitive source on how best to enjoy our delicious snacks -- AKA the Rip Van Almanac.


Us vs Them We stand out from the crowd, and we want you to know just how we compare to the leading readily available snacks.


Our Story We’ve grown from a tiny dorm room to a business with nationwide distribution one wafel at a time -- and we want you to know how we did it!


Customers Rip Van would be nothing without our customers, and we’re excited to highlight how our snacks have brightened our customers’ lives.


Partners We’ll be profiling some of our featured partners, including their stories and their favorite ways to enjoy a Rip Van Wafel.

We hope you’ll enjoy this intimate view of the Rip Van experience!

Happy reading,


Staff Writer